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Speech from The American Cancer Society's Luminaria Ceremony
(6/15/2013 - Relay For Life Event of Port Chester-Rye Brook, NY)

I am Carly’s Aunt Judi, her mother’s sister.  I’ve loved Carly as my own, since before she was born.  My soul-sister, Irene, honored me with the responsibility of being Carly’s Godmother.  I’ve taken my job seriously, and told Carly that many times. That’s why I’m speaking for her now, to let you know her spirit is very special, very much alive.  She’s close to God and all goodness because of the strength of her loving spirit.  Carly helped me focus on the Truth – what’s most important in life: that only Love is real. I see and feel her alive and radiant, her Uncle Bill has seen and felt her radiant spirit, and many other clairvoyants she never met on Earth.

There is no separation for those who love one another. Love has no boundaries. Carly is teaching us the true meaning of love, the true meaning of life.

We, who are blessed to know Carly, know she’s a truly special soul.  Even if you are just beginning to learn about her, you’ll see she is a shining, shooting star, and a powerful Light!  Carly was born October 10th, 1988 at 12:08 pm.  Irene & I noted at the time that she must be very special, having so many108’s in her birth number.  108 is an auspicious spiritual number, representing many aspects of God, in the Oneness of Divinity. Now we realize just how amazingly true this is of Carly. 

Carly had different aspects of her personality, but her core spirit is Divine Love.  If she loved you in life, you can count on her to love you now. If you love her now, you can count on her to give the gift that keeps on giving—divine love.

From birth, Carly was blessed with more than most - double sets of parents, double sets of siblings.  Her grandfather and grand-mother, Sal & Betty, cared for Carly as surrogate parents until she entered elementary school.  Her mom & dad, step brother & step-sister, and now her new step-dad, and new step brother & step sister, their children, Carly’s cousins, aunts & uncles,  many close friends, and her boyfriend, and everyone lucky enough to share time with Carly, is blessed to have this special soul in their family.

Carly came into this life with a fury—a passion and persistence known by very few!  She lived every day as if it were her last, fully and completely!   One of my many personal examples is the time I was worn out after a long holiday get-together.  She asked if I wanted to go to the fabric store to get material to re-upholster her bedroom furniture. Of course, not only did we go, we got lost in time in choosing & purchasing the prettiest, most colorful fabric, then cutting and pinning it together later in her room.  She, then stayed up sewing on her machine well into the wee hours of the morning, long after I passed out in exhaustion, having completed it when I awoke.

Carly’s life was like a firecracker—bursting with energy, crackling with purpose. She lived her 24 years more fully than most people live in a century.  She traveled to more countries than I can dream of.  She affected everyone she met.

Carly made sure everyone who touched her heart was given the gift of her loving embrace, and then they became her family.  Carly’s spirit is as intense and dynamic as ever, and her determination and love hasintensified since she crossed over.

They say it takes a village to raise a child, well; this child is raising the Village.  She’s uplifting everyone now by extending her love to the world wide web of humanity.  She wants us to focus on the mission she began in her life, and help her fulfill her life’s purpose, and assist the children she loves so much.  Carly takes every opportunity to give messages to everyone she loves, whether in dreams, text messages, facebook, or through psychic mediums. All her messages convey her love, her sense of humor, and her wishes to be fulfilled.

Yes, we’re missing Carly immensely.  We’ve been devastated by losing her physical presence.  So she’s forcing us to focus on her spiritual presence. She’s forcing us to be strong, because Carly’s strength and determination has no boundary, and physical death could not destroy it. We can stay close to her, for the rest of our lives, through her foundation. Carly’s Kids is a foundation with a divine purpose.

She’s been giving us specific directions, even “to do” lists” from heaven! She wants us to focus on her mission, not on missing her. She wants us to focus on love and life, not loss.  Carly wants us to turn our devastation into discovery—that there is no end to our Spirit, and we connect by loving each other. Love will sustain us, love will keep us strong. We can feel Carly’s joy in our dedication to helping her help the children she loves.

There is no separation when you love. Carly is the one personality you can count on to love you eternally; hopefully, she will help everyone who has lost a loved one, to keep focusing on their life, not their loss.  

Carly was not religious in life, but she embodied true Spirituality.  She was passionate about Love and Truth, the essence of Spirit. I need to remind everyone that her passion is very much alive.  She loves how you’ve channeled her desire into Carly’s Kids, and how it will benefit the little ones in need.

Carly is still dedicated to what she loved so fervently in life. We are the ones who are blessed to do the physical work for her now.  She’s set the bar high, and we want to do her justice. I’m here to honor Carly, and give her gratitude to you, for all you are doing in her name, and we ask you to continue helping Carly’s Kids with us. 

Our family thanks you from the bottom of our heart and soul for your dedication, and the love you’ve given Carly through your physical efforts to help save other people’s lives. We are as awestruck and grateful as she is for your outpouring of love, and all the financial and spiritual benefits you’ve achieved for her.

We can agree Carly gave us the present of her life, a life cut short by cancer.  I want you to know it did not take her spirit, or determination. She’s happy we’re creating this divine gift for her. Carly’s Kids is a foundation that will keep her spirit alive. Long after we’ve all gone from this world, we’ll be celebrating together in heaven, all the good works we’ve done in the name of Divine Love, for Carly. 

Thank you for all your wonderful, loving, sacrifice and dedication to Goodness.  May we all join in the spirit of giving with Carly’s loving spirit and continue to commit to this great cause, for the highest good and benefit of all concerned on this planet!    BLESS YOU ALL!

This speech was given for The American Cancer Society's Luminaria Ceremony at the Rye Brook-Port Chester “Relay for Life” Event, on June 15th, 2013

My Best Friend

Thank you for visiting Carly's Kids - A Foundation for Education.

This website is dedicated to my life-long best friend and the foundation created In her honor. Our families were next-door neighbors and we've been friends ever since we first learned to walk and talk. Growing up, you would never hear Mr. or Mrs. coming from either of us --- just Grandma, Grandpa, Aunt and Uncle…We have always been family. There is no better way for me to describe the depth of our friendship and the unconditional love I have for this soul, but to call her my sister. Carly was there for me through the good and the bad. It's an indescribable feeling never having to explain yourself to someone, they just know because they've been right there with you the entire way.

Carly was a special person. I have never and will never know anyone else like her. She had the ability to brighten up your worst days just by being there. There was something in her voice that made you trust the advice she gave, without any question. Carly was one for adventures, she was always on the move and never let anything slow her down. Not even cancer. She loved her life and made you want to love yours too, because she was a part of it. Carly smothered you with her presence; always wanting to be close to those she loved. I will forever miss her hugs and the way she would hang on just a little bit longer. These were the little reminders to me that I would never feel alone, as long as I had her.

Losing Carly is one of the hardest things that I will ever have to face in life. I never imagined my life without her in it. She was my strength and my backbone, when I didn't have it for myself. There is a void that is only partially filled by what we have created, the efforts that we put forth in her name everyday and by the love of her family. I am thankful to them for allowing me to be part of it. 

Carly's Kids - A Foundation for Education focuses on two great causes that in someway have touched the lives of each and every one of us --- education and medical research.  It is a great way, not only to carry on a mission that Carly would have had for herself, but to honor her as well. We are building this foundation with the hope and determination to make a difference. Whether it be supporting students of the Holy Family School or helping to get one step closer to finding a cure to a horrific disease, we want to positively affect the lives of others the same way that Carly did every day.

Carly touched the lives of so many people, whether she spent her whole life with them or just a few moments. I was fortunate enough to have had this beautiful, brilliant, courageous person in my life for all 24 years that she was here with us. I know that it has been a blessing to have the same person, especially the person who Carly was, by my side for as long as I can remember and I am forever grateful.

A piece of my heart lives in heaven.


Mike's Words

Carly loved. Those words describe Carly and her view on life perfectly. She loved her family, her friends, her city, her school, but most importantly her life. She lived with no regrets. I lost count of the amount of times Carly told me "lets go on an adventure." She never sat back and waited for life to come to her, she went out and captured it. The amazing thing is that Carly's disease did not limit that love. In fact, it strengthened it. She embraced the people around her and made numerous new relationships. She brought new people into her life and surrounded them with her love. She never blamed anyone, never felt sorry for herself, but rather continued to love the life she had. That love spread to all those who were lucky enough to spend time with her. Her love continues to be spread by the people she inspired with it.



Words from Visible Measures

Boston, MA

This is a truly inspiring blog post written by one of Carly's co-workers from Visible Measures. It is just another example of how this one girl was able to impact so many lives in a relatively short amount of time, as it was Carly and the friendship they shared which inspired this entry. DREAMS by Chris Anselmo

Letter for Carly's Family written by friend and co-worker, Meng Mao.

From the Visible Measures Culture Blog, Remembering Carly Hughes. Written by Chris Anselmo and Natalie Heilpern.